Our Government Approved Quarantine Facility can accomodate shipments of any size.

Most of our business is with dairy cattle, mainly Holstein and Jersey although Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, and Guernseys have been exported.

The beef breeds Simmental and Limousin are the most exported, but the traditional Angus, Hereford, and Charolais, as well as Brangus and Wagyu are an important part of our operation.

In swine, we have exported Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc, and Hampshire and on occasion, some F1.

Goats for milk or meat production are also being handled, the breeds being Saanen, Toggenburg, French Alpine, Nubian, and Boer.

In Horses, we have exported Quarterhorses, Arabian, and Trotters.

We can source the one animal you may need to win a show, the deep Pedigree to enhance a breeding program, or a plane or boat load to improve your production and genetic base.

The cows we may sell you have the genetics to enhance your breeding program, will produce based on the local enviroment, your management and will invariably sound like this.

All inquiries are welcome and may be addressed to:

Jorge A. Luzza
Luzza International